Trinity Lutheran Church and School

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


Every Sunday at 8:00 and 10:30 AM. we gather together to hear and receive the blessing of God’s Word, and to offer praise and thanksgiving to our loving Father for the great blessings and mercy given us through our Savior, Jesus Christ. We then can return home, spiritually refreshed and strengthened by God through His Word to serve Him and share His peace and love with our friends and neighbors and families. The 8:00 AM. service is also broadcast live every Sunday on KFTM 1400 AM.


The Lord’s Supper is celebrated every Sunday in alternate services. In, with and under the bread and wine in this sacrament we receive Christ’s body and blood that assures us of forgiveness of sins and eternal life. We also receive strength to resist life’s temptations and pressures.

Those wishing to commune for the first time are asked to speak to the pastor prior to the service.


In the water of Holy Baptism the Word of God gives us forgiveness of sins, freedom from the power of sin, death and the devil, and gives eternal life to all who believe this. We invite you to join our Christian family through this Baptism and receive the blessings offered by our Lord Jesus to you and your children. If you are interested in Baptism please contact the pastor.

Christian Education

Sunday school for ages 3 through 8th grade meet September through May at 9:15 AM. Sunday mornings.

Bible classes for high school youth meet September through May at 9:15 AM. Sunday mornings.

Bible classes for adults meet every Sunday morning at 9:15 AM in the church parish hall.

Midweek Catechism class for 7th and 8th grade meets September through May each Wednesday at 4:15 P.M.  6th grade meets at Trinity Lutheran School at 4:oo P.M.


Tabernacle Experience

The Tabernacle Experience is coming to Trinity Lutheran Church and School. It is life size replica of the Tabernacle as described in Exodus. You will have the opportunity to visit and experience this event from Friday May 5th through Sunday May 14th. It will be open to the public each and every weekday at 11 am with the last tour beginning at 8 pm. On Saturday tours will begin at 9 am and on Sunday, tours begin at 11 am. Cost is $5 per person or $20 per family.

One step inside the Tabernacle Courtyard will translate you into Old Testament times. You will experience a day in the life of an Old Testament priest as you engage in the duties and rituals within the Tabernacle. The narrated journey through the Tabernacle Experience is individual, private and intimate. The Tabernacle Experience is simple, yet utterly profound. The Lords profound Love, Compassion and Mercy towards us is evident in every aspect of The Tabernacle. His plan for our redemption is revealed and His desire to live among us is evident.

Click here to sign up to volunteer for the Tabernacle Experience. This site has descriptions of the positions for which we are seeking volunteers and a schedule of the available times to volunteer.

Click here to sign up for your tour time. More details about available tour times and what to bring can be found on the sign up page.