School Newsletter

Trinity Lutheran School – November 2017 Newsletter Article.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

Psalm 51:12

Joy, a word that does not seem to be as popular as it once was.  Our culture seems to be in search of fun and entertainment.  We do see the word joy more often during the Christmas season though.  Someone might ask, “What is joy after all?”

Joy is the word I would use for the feelings I had each time one of my children were born.  My wedding day was another joyous day.  I hope most of you can relate to these feelings of joy.  It seems as if joy comes to a person when you have life altering experiences.  After my wedding, I knew my life would never be the same.  Similarly, having children changes your life.

Having been baptized as an infant, I do not remember any feelings of conversion.  I am not sure whether or not I felt joy.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to come to faith as an adult.  I imagine that it is a life altering moment.  I am sure that there is joy.

The psalmist prays that God would restore that joy to him.  When we meditate on what salvation is all about, when we realize that God has done everything for us and that we can do nothing for ourselves, we experience the joy God intended for us to have.

Each time we attend Divine Service and confess our sins, the pastor forgives us those sins in the name of Jesus.  When we approach the altar and receive the body and blood of our Savior we receive the assurance of forgiveness.  These are the times that we feel the joy that the psalmist prayed for.

Let us all join the psalmist and pray that each of us would have that joy in our lives now and even unto eternity.

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The goal of Trinity Lutheran School is to assist children in developing a relationship with Jesus through a Christ-centered education.

The second quarter is already well under way.  Teachers and students are preparing for upcoming concerts and programs.  In November we will be singing patriotic songs at the senior center and presenting fractured fairy tales at school.

The LPTL is planning on raising funds to replace the fire alarm monitoring system at the school during the Fall festival.  Bonfires and a chili cook-off along with other activities will be held on November 3rd.

If you know of anyone who voices concerns about their children’s education, and whose children are not currently attending Trinity Lutheran School, please suggest to them that they visit with Principal Kevin Rhode at the school for information about what Trinity offers. Word of mouth referrals to friends and family are ways that you can support the ministry of our school.

We welcome anyone who would like to stop by and see what we offer the children of our community. If you would like to visit with us about placing your child in Trinity please call to make an appointment. It is never too late to enroll your child in Little Lambs, Trinity Early Learning Center or for kindergarten through eighth grade. Read your bulletins and tidbits for opportunities to help and for lists of events going on at our school. Check us out on Face Book. As always please keep our students, staff and school board in your prayers.

Your servant in Christ,

Kevin Rhode