Trinity Newsletter Aug 2012

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Our Church Is Always Asking for Money!

Last month the newsletter contained information about each of us as a manager of all the possessions God has given us.  Beyond the traditional request for help in raising more money, there is a hunger to know what stewardship really means and how it functions. 

You may have said or heard someone else make the statement, “The church is always asking for money”.  Indeed, here at Trinity we have had many special requests for funds to assist with certain projects.  But is the church “always asking for money”? 

It would be good for us to consider all the organizations and people who ask us for monthly payments.  Our bank asks us for money for our mortgage; our utility companies ask for money for energy and water used.  We make payments for our cars and our vacations.  There are also credit cards and other bills to pay monthly.

The church is one of the few places in which we do not make payments or pay a fee for being a member.  It is a place where we can go for comfort, for friendships, for worship, and for assurance of our salvation.  Our church asking for money is a good thing because it shows that our church is alive and providing for the needs of God’s kingdom.

It is right to help the needy, to assist in educating our children, to provide funds to care for the building in which we worship.  It is right to continue to do the work of the Great Commission of bringing God’s word to all.

As we consider our possessions and our stewardship of those possessions, we might remember and consider how we are managing God’s property which we often call our own.  We are given the chance every day to use what God has given us for His kingdom. 

Unfortunately, as sinners we are always looking for a better car, a bigger house, a new wardrobe, or more entertainment.  On the good side, seeking to improve our lives is not sinful in and of itself; however we all need to remember to put our faith and our God first.

Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount:“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  Matthew 6:33   We all need to evaluate how we are using our gifts and ask if we are using them in a God-pleasing way. 

To God be the glory, honor and power.

Ann Stivers

Stewardship Chair


Commissioning and Installations

Our newly called workers, Kevin Rhode and Johanna Hoover, have both accepted their called positions from Trinity Congregation.  On August 12, Mr. Rhode will be Commissioned and Installed, and Miss Hoover will be Installed at the 8:00 am service. 

A Pot Luck sponsored by the School Board will be held at noon in the Parish Hall to honor these two teachers.


Thank You!

A huge thank you to Jill Huffman, Jennifer Rhode, Barbara Bass, and Kristin Klenda for organizing and leading this year’s Vacation Bible School and Lock-In. 

New School Secretary

Ruth Coleman is the new school secretary.  She is a member of Trinity and has been working during the summer to become acquainted with procedures and policies.   We welcome her in her new job.

Upcoming Events


School begins on August 20 with an opening chapel service around 8:15 am.  Everyone is invited to this service.

Sunday School

Rally Day will be held September 9 at 9:15 am.  At this time students will be introduced to their teachers and promoted to their new classes.  Third grade students will be given their new Bibles.

Careers in Christ Weekend

Learn more about LCMS professional programs during a weekend for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, Illinois, is hosting these students.  For further information, go to or call 708-209-3100.

Quarterly Endowment Report

The Church Properties (Fund A) has a balance of $11,637.17 as of June 30, 2012.  Interest and deposits totaled $57.33 for the second quarter, and the undistributed income on account is now $427.17.  This can be used for any maintenance expenses at the church or school grounds.

The School (Fund B) has a balance of $159,893.80 as of June 30.  Interest received this year is $4898.76 as of June 30.  A total of $8,050.29 was used for tuition help for students.  Remaining undistributed funds as of June 30 are $9,461.21.

A by-laws change is proposed to cap grants from the accumulated undistributed income not to exceed, in any fiscal year, 50% of the most recent fiscal year income.

Early Learning Center

This committee has already met several times and is tentatively planning to use our present facilities to begin an Early Learning Center as soon as next summer.  Committee members are Sandra Baker (chair), Carol Becker, Betty Schott, Kristin Klenda, Sherri Amen, Amy Nation, Brenda Shelton (CPMC), Barry Walter, Sr., Kevin Rhode, and Pastor Frye. 

In the two empty rooms in the school, 44 children could be served.  The Center will be open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Orphan Grain Train

Expo 2012 will be held September 28 at 4 pm and lasting until the 8:30 pm dance on September 29 in Norfolk, Nebraska.  If you have ever wanted to know more about Orphan Grain Train, this is your chance.  There will be activities, speakers giving presentations about Ghana, Russia, Sudan, Mercy Meals, and many other things going on.  Tickets are FREE for Friday evening and cost $60 per person for Saturday, including banquet and entertainment.    Mail to:

Orphan Grain Train (Expo Registration)
PO Box 1466
Norfolk, NE 68702-1466

More information and a registration form to copy are in the church office.

The Feed 500 Project ships high quality meals to starving and malnourished people across the globe.  These meals contain protein, carbohydrate, vegetables, vitamins and minerals in a formula designed especially for these people.  Preparation requires only adding the meal to a pot of boiling water.  From February to April, over 1.5 million such meals were shipped by our church’s Orphan Grain train to the following places:   Liberia, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Kenya, The Philippines, Uganda

Orphan Grain Train needs money to ship these meals to more places.  $15 will ship food for 500 people; $90 ships food for 3000!  Donations may be mailed to the address above (excluding Expo Regis.)  You may also donate by using Thrivent Choice.

Prayer Lists

Often forgotten in prayers are pastors, teachers, and missionaries who work for the Lord.  Each month in this newsletter there will be a list of those for whom you can pray.  Add them to your prayer list! 

The following missionaries have birthdays this month:

Aug. 1   Joshua Lange, Asia

            Joy Jones, Vietnam

Aug. 2   Michelle Sawyer, Hong Kong

Aug. 6   Michael Kersten, Hong Kong

Aug. 8   Megan Ferrin, Hong Kong

Aug. 9   Joyce Erber, Ghana

Aug. 10  Susan Frerking, Vietnam

Aug. 11  Fungchatou Lo, Cambodia

Aug. 13  Rachel Powell, Peru

Aug. 15  Ed Auger, Cayman Islands

              Rebecca House, Asia

Aug. 16  David Mahsman, Germany

Aug. 18  Julia Lutz, Papua New Guinea

              Steven Winkleman, Vietnam

Aug. 20  Sarah Schaff, Vietnam

Aug. 21  Dee Dee Wasmund, South Korea

Aug. 22  Julia Mueller, Peru

Military chaplains with August birthdays:

Chaplain Jeremy Gorline, Germany

Chaplain Michael Moreno, Norfolk, NE

Chaplain Gregory Todd, Camp Lejeune, NC

Chaplain Glen Wurdeman, Afghanistan

Birthdays in our Congregation 

August 1     Kolbie Rios, Kylie Schmeeckle

August 2     Brooke Hosier, Garrett Pape, Landen Sierra

August 5     Dorothy Geer, Owen Klenda, Zane Schmeeckle, Matt Silz

August 7     Ken Becker, Caitlin Swoape

August 9     Marian Heitschmidt, Tim Hoff, Deb Poitz, Michelle Quint, Brent Schroeder

August 10   Ed Gerken

August 11   Pam Monsees, James Rees, Jana Sena, Scott Underwood

August 12   Lane Musgrave, Ryan Parsons, Thea Silz

August 13   Daniel Moore, Bob Petersen, Deanna Thompson

August 15   Roger Doll

August 16   Jill Gleason, Lindsey Silz, Sandra Smith

August 17   Landrey Walter

August 18   Ron Yetter

August 19   Tom Gonzales, LeRoy Repp, Florence Wacker

August 20   Sy Northrup, Kalissa Reagan, Kebri Reagan, Trevor Schrum, Natasha Windsheimer

August 21   Justin Frye, Kolten Kugler

August 22   Christi Jess

August 24   Jeannette Walter

August 25   Ben Blecha, Gene Schlegel, Wayne Schmeeckle, Gerry Thiel

August 27   Kelly Pauli

August 28   Glenn Doty, Blair Jess, Janet Montel

August 29   Jennifer Amen, Tammy Berbee, Brandon Schlueter

August 30   Ryanne Bolinger, Mike Groves, Pat Groves, Barry Walter III

August 31   Greg Pope, Tim Rousselle


 Anniversaries in our Congregation

10 years ago… August 31

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kugler

11 years ago… August 4

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Thiel

13 years ago… August 12

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Swoape

14 years ago… August 8

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Gleason

14 years ago…August 15

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Staley

15 years ago… August 1

Mr. and Mrs. Colby Becker

16 years ago… August 3

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Walter

18 years ago… August 12

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thiel

19 years ago… August 28

Mr. and Mrs. David Gray

20 years ago… August 15

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Gerken

 21 years ago… August 31

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Amen

22 years ago… August 6

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Poitz

29 years ago… August 5

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Heaton

31 years ago… August 1

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freidenberger

35 years ago… August 27

Rev. and Mrs. Frank G. Frye

38 years ago… August 24

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Schroeder

42 years ago… August 30

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Yetter

43 years ago… August 22

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Thiel

44 years ago… August 18

Mr. and Mrs. Rod Washburn

45 years ago… August 6

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schott

56 years ago… August 3

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Windsheimer

56 years ago… August 5

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Petersen






            August 5, 2012 ~

            Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

                        Exodus 16:2-15

                        Ephesians 4:1-16

                        John 6:22-35


            August 12, 2012 ~

            Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

                        1 Kings 19:1-8

                        Ephesians 4:17-5:2

                        John 6:35-51


            August 19, 2012 ~

            Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

                        Proverbs 9:1-10

                        Ephesians 5:6-21

                        John 6:51-69


            August 26, 2012 ~

            Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

                        Isaiah 29:11-19

                        Ephesians 5:22-23

                        Mark 7:1-13


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