Trinity Newsletter Sept 2012


             Summer vacations are over, the nights are getting cooler, and soon the daylight will be getting shorter.  These are all reminders that summer has begun to draw to a close.  With summer ending, energies are directed toward teaching, learning, and school.  Many hours of preparation have been made by families for the beginning of a new school year.  Among these have been buying clothes, notebooks, and pencils.  Teachers have been busy getting classrooms ready and preparing lessons.

            As one walks or drives early in the morning, one cannot help noticing the many different ages of children walking to school.  Learning takes place at all age levels.  No one ever stops learning.  That applies to Christians and their relationship to God too.  For the Christian, young or old, it is a matter of attitude.  The Christian who really desires to have a strong and lasting relationship with God will seek to learn what God’s will is for his or her life.  That attitude will show itself in a thirst for God’s Word.

            David, the King of Israel, was a good example of such an attitude.  In the Psalms, David expressed his desire by praying, “Teach me…..O Lord” (Psalm 25:4).  The Psalms are full of prayers asking that the Lord would teach His servants.  Since this request is repeated so often in the Psalms it must be extremely important.

            I think all of us would consider ourselves to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  What many forget or perhaps never knew is that being disciples means “learners”.  We never outgrow being disciples so we never outgrow the need for learning.  We learn through god’s Word as we read, study, and meditate on the Scriptures.  Jesus said, “If you continue in My Word, then you are truly My disciples” (John 8:31).

In order to be true disciples of Jesus we need to take every opportunity to learn form God’s Word.  Learning is not just for children.  All of us can and will benefit from participating in Bible Studies as often as the opportunities are present to us here at Trinity.  God promises great things to those who search his Word.  We will find purpose for our lives, strength to face the daily troubles of life, comfort for distressing moments, and joy for making life happy and fulfilling.

The theme, “Teach Me, O Lord” (Ps. 25:4), reminds us that as Christians what we learn is to come from God.  Therefore we, with the Psalmist, pray that God for the sake of our Savior, Jesus Christ, will “teach me” His paths (Ps. 25:4), His way (Ps. 27:11), His decrees (Ps. 119:12), His knowledge and good judgment (Ps. 119:22), and ability to do His will (Ps. 143:10).

In the Master’s service,

Pastor Frye


Thrivent is not automatically renewing options for designating donations this year.  In order to designate funds generated by your Thrivent accounts, you must go online at and click on “Thrivent Choice” to choose Trinity Lutheran Church or Trinity Lutheran School to receive the Choice Dollars.  We receive the money from them monthly.

Principal News from Trinity Lutheran School

“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”  For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.”  

                        2 Corinthians 10:17-18 ESV

How often in your life do you hear yourself saying, “I need to work harder if I am going to accomplish the things I want,” or, “I am the only one I can depend on to accomplish this task.”  Or maybe you have said, “I really worked hard on that objective, I really accomplished a lot.”  It is easy to let the devil slip in a few thoughts that detract us from the truth that God is the one and only source of all of our strength, talent, riches, and success.  God uses us to accomplish His good and gracious will.  He even uses the wicked to accomplish His will.  I pray that I am always conscious of where my strength resides, and that I boast in the Lord.  Whether we accept it or not, God wants us to depend on Him for all things in our lives.  The Good News, God forgives even sins of self-aggrandizement.  He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for our human pride as well as all of our other sins.

September 8th is the third annual Trinity Trot.  This is a 5 k race and 1 mile fun run to raise funds for the LPTL, Trinity’s parent-teacher organization. 

September 10th we will be celebrating our student’s Grandparents and Grand Friends.

If you know of anyone who voices concerns about their children’s education and they are not currently attendingTrinityLutheranSchool, please suggest to them that they visit with PrincipalKevin Rhodeat the school for information about what Trinity offers.  Word of mouth referrals to friends and family are ways that you can support the ministry of our school.

We welcome anyone who would like to stop by and see what we offer the children of our community.  If you would like to visit with us about placing your child in our school this year,  please call to make an appointment.  You can still enroll your child for preschool or kindergarten through eighth grade.

Read your bulletins for opportunities to help and a list of events going on at our school.  Check us out on Face Book.  As always, please keep our students, staff and school board in your prayers.

Your servant in Christ

Kevin Rhode, Principal


Keep an eye on your bulletin each Sunday to see what the choir will be doing.  We will begin practices on September 5 at 7:00 pm.



The Trinity Youth Group will be having lunch together and instruction in self-defense on Sunday, September 16.  The cost is $10 per youth.  Their instructor has earned a black belt in tae kwan do.  Plan to attend!


Parents – Cookies!

Elsie Johnson would like to mail cookies to our college students and military personnel again this year, but she is in need of their addresses.  As soon as you know the new addresses of these members of your family, please call the church office! 

The first package will be mailed around the middle of September. 

Trinity’s Website



Our website at Trinity ( has been redesigned.  The Church Council is hosting a website artwork contest for the new image at the top of the site. Everyone is invited to design and submit their artwork.

 The dimensions should be 10” x 2” (940 x 198 pixels). All submissions must include “TrinityLutheranChurchand School”, “FortMorgan” and our tagline “Sharing Hope and Peace through the Word of Christ”

Submissions should be sent to by Wednesday, September 5 at Noon.

A Big Thank You!

Three generous gentlemen – Phil, Rod and Ryan Roth – donated their time and the supplies to repair all light fixtures and replace all light bulbs at the school during the summer.  We greatly appreciate this charitable contribution to our school.

Trinity Trot Time

Get your tennis shoes out and start training for TrinitySchool’s 3rd Annual Trinity Trot Saturday, September 8 beginning at 8:30 a.m. atTrinityLutheranSchool

The distance for the run/walk is 5k or about 3.1 miles.  Awards will be given for first through third places in each category:

13 and under, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50+

as well as overall male and female winners.  The competition will be followed by a 1-mile Fun Run/Walk.

If you won’t be competing, come and cheer your favorite participant or purchase something from the bake sale inside the school.  Contributions for the bake sale are welcomed.

This is one of the school’s annual fund raisers; any is greatly appreciated.  Thrivent for Lutherans will also be contributing funds.  Registration and sponsor forms for the event in the church narthex.

Sunday School

     Promotion Sunday for Sunday School students will be held at 9:15 on September 9.  At this time, all third grade students will be given their own Bible.  Parents are welcome to attend the opening in the church.

Meeting Date Change for Trinity LWML

Trinity LWML will meet Thursday, September 27 (instead of the 20th) Please mark this change on your calendars.

Prayer Lists

Often forgotten in prayers are pastors, teachers, and missionaries who work for the Lord.  Each month in this newsletter there will be a list of those for whom you can pray.  Add them to your prayer list! 

A longer list of prayer suggestions for each day of the month can be found at www.lcms/

A copy of this list is on the bulletin board in the church narthex. 

The following missionaries have birthdays this month:

Sept. 1   Jamie DiLiberto,Peru

Sept. 4   Lora Horn,Papua New Guinea

Sept. 5   Michelle Cagnin,Hong Kong

Sept. 6   George Frahm,Cambodia

Sept 10   Constance Booker, Czech Republic

Sept 13   Cherie Auger,Cayman Islands

               Timothy Dooms,Kenya

               Frederick Reinhardt,Kenya

Sept. 16   Terry Umphenour,Asia

Sept. 18   Sharon Owens,Macau

Sept. 20   Ana Gruen,Taiwan

Sept. 23   Amy Winkelman,Vietnam

Sept. 24   Mary Kosberg,South Korea

               Bill Leese,Hong Kong

Sept. 25   Trixy Zielke,Asia

Sept 29   CoralRose,South Africa

Military chaplains with birthdays in August:

Chaplain Graham Glover,Ft.Benning,GA

Chaplain Lynn Hanson,Minneapolis,MN

Chaplain James Hoke,Lincoln,NE

Chaplain David Jacob,Germany

Chaplain Gregory Jans, Barksdale AFB, LA

Chaplain James Puttler,Poulsbo,WA

Chaplain William Sager,Ft.Shafter,HI

Chaplain Lynn Stroud,Bryan,TX

Chaplain Jonathan Shaw,Carlisle,PA

Newsletter Deadline

We appreciate submissions to the newsletter and bulletin.  All material is subject to editing for content, clarity and style as needed.  The deadline for articles in the newsletter will be the Friday closest to the 20th of each month. 

The deadline for the Sunday Bulletin is Thursday at noon.  All submissions should be emailed to church.secretary


Sept. 1    Trevor Sena, Travis Wagenaar

Sept. 2    Kevin Rhode

Sept. 4    Kendra Murray

Sept. 5    Brenda Hofman, Lindsey Krentz,

                Fred Freidenberger,

Sept. 6    Jonah Gleason, Jennifer Schlegel

Sept. 7    Brittany Moser

Sept. 10  Cassie Gray

Sept. 11  Marian Sunderman,

                 Brandi Thomas,

                 Jean Windsheimer

Sept. 12  Brad Dahl, Jacob Kitzman,

                Brian Pratt

Sept. 14  Tim Musgrave, Cody Wright

Sept. 15  Ann Marshall

Sept. 16  Lyezabeth Hoff, Martin Silz

Sept. 17  Devin Weilnau

Sept. 18  Jerry Bass, Pam Schmeeckle

Sept. 19  Jennifer Malone,  Gloria Ostwald,

                Craig Windsheimer

Sept. 20  Brandon Baer, Harold Vaagen

Sept. 22  Kayla Castrup, Deborrah Hoff,

                 Jonathan Yetter

Sept. 23  Brianna Virgil

Sept. 24  Alyson Silz, Angel Walter

Sept. 25  Lukas Schmeeckle, Colten Thiel

Sept. 26  Joyce Malone

Sept. 27  Christina Homer

Sept. 28  Justin Sierra, Jerry Windsheimer

Sept. 29  Delbert Schmidt

Celebrating Marriage

This month…years ago


The following couples celebrate the gift of marriage this month by observing their wedding anniversaries.

We at Trinity commend those who have committed their lives to each other and the Lord.

4 years ago… September 13

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Underwood                                      

7 years ago… September 3

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Castrup

7 years ago… September 17

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Coup

 16  years ago… September 28

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Northrup

18 years ago… September 17

Art Oblander and Jamie Crall

23 years ago… September 14

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Windsheimer

31 years ago… September 12

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bahr

35 years ago… September 29

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Monroe

39 years ago… September 30

Mr. and Mrs. John Underwood

45 years ago… September 30

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gerken

49 years ago… September 22

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Staley

50 years ago… September 1

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dykes

51 years ago… September 3

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pope

63 years ago… September 18

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Weitzel

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